Heads are useless. But they are fun to collect and spread around the house!
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Any mob that has a head has a 1% change of dropping it upon death.

New Player Heads now render the overlay! And also have a 1% chance of dropping

You can use an Ender Scythe to have a 100% change of head dropping.

New Heads:

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 17.58.46
2013-11-12 20.33.45


They can be worn or used as decoration.

If you have Twilight Forrest and/or Thermal Expansion 3 you'll be able to collect heads from most of the mobs added by those mods!

I'm also open to requests :)

How to Get:Edit

You get them by killing mobs (Like: Spider, Pig, ETC) Using the Ender Scythe.

Without it, Theres 1% Chance it drops when a mob dies.

Trivia Edit

When fans asked For a spread mod with heads, ganymades01 made The Headcrumb mod, With an special addition - Player mobs (Sadly hostile) And their heads.